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You Are Powerful

If I told you that you are powerful, would you believe me? Do you regard yourself as a powerful person? Or do you think of powerful people as Prime Ministers, Royalty, Billionaires and CEOs of international companies?

Powerful people are all around us. We see them on the news, on TV and in movies. They’re living in the big houses in the well to do part of town. We imagine that they are very different to us, that maybe they were lucky and are from a privileged background or they’re super talented in a way that we never will be.

But what is the actual difference between those we see as powerful and ourselves? What makes them powerful and us not? The only difference is that they believe they are powerful, and you don’t.

Somewhere along the way you stopped believing that you are powerful. Something may have happened that took your power away and you never regained it. You may have experienced something that drained your energy and destroyed your self belief. Maybe you never had the right support system in place to nurture your growth and build your confidence.

Whatever the reason, don’t worry. At any time, you can reclaim your personal power. You are powerful and you can change your circumstances and your life by using this power to your advantage.

We all have our own inherent power and energy that we can tap into. We often do it without realising to help us get through certain situations in life. But how would your life change if you could learn to tap into this power whenever you wanted to guide your life in the direction you wanted it to go?

If you’re ready to become more powerful there are several steps you can take to start:

Claim It

Start by claiming your personal power. Write down all the reasons why you’re a strong and independent person. Getting them all down on paper will help you to remember all the fabulous things you’ve achieved in your life so far.

Accept It

Accept yourself exactly as you are and make an agreement with yourself to work on your development. We all have areas of our lives which we can improve on. Start by accepting your life is already great but you’re prepared to do the work to make it even better.

Talk Yourself Up

Negative self-talk has no place in the life of a powerful, confident person. Don’t let this bad habit hold you back. Start giving yourself a positive pep talk every day. Remind yourself how good your life is and congratulate yourself on the progress you’re making. Spend some time complimenting yourself on a job well done or on a new project you’ve started.

When you talk yourself up, you start feeling good about all areas of your life. It’s a simple way to turn negative energy around when things aren’t going your way.

Write It Down

Make a list of things that make you feel empowered. What helps to lift your mood when you’re busy, tired, stressed or overworked? Write down all the things that brighten your day and pick one as a quick fix when you’re feeling overwhelmed. They could be little things like listening to your favourite song, doing a quick meditation, going for a short walk, or buying yourself flowers. These small acts can help clear negative energy and give you your power back.

Slow Down and Listen

Another effective way of empowering yourself is to imagine yourself as you wish to be. Ask yourself “What would the fully empowered version of me be doing?” Listen to your inner guidance and act by doing things from the perspective that you’re already that person. By doing the things you imagine you may do if you already were that person, you’ll speed up time and become that version of yourself much sooner.

Change Your Beliefs

Work on changing your mindset so that you believe you’re already where you want to be. If you start thinking of yourself as a powerful person with lots of options available to you, you’ll see more opportunities appearing in your daily life. As you grow in confidence, you’ll feel more able to say yes to these opportunities as they present themselves.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you need something, ask for it. Sometimes it’s not easy to ask for help but this is the quickest way to lose your power. As a powerful person you know what you need to be successful. When you’re not afraid to ask for help, you’ll get there a lot quicker.

Use Your Power Positively

When you use your power in a positive manner, you can do no end of good. Your power can bring people together. It can inspire people to do better in their own lives. It can be used to overcome differences and build good relationships. When you transmit your energy, it can have a positive effect on the people around you. It can open dialogues; you can share your ideas and opinions with others, and you can get feedback from them.

Final Thoughts

We all hold the power within us to be, do and have whatever we desire. If you’re prepared to change your perspective and start viewing yourself as the powerful person you want to become, your power will be drawn to you. If you make claim to it and remind yourself how powerful you are, it won’t be able to avoid you.

Remember to be kind to yourself and keep your energy high on busy days. Your inner voice can keep you grounded and help you align with your new beliefs. And most importantly, asking for what you need when you need it will make life as a powerful person much easier.

This is your reminder that you are powerful, and you hold more cards than you think. Don’t be afraid to play them.


Ruth Cunningham is a mindset and success coach and the founder of Up and Up Life. Ruth helps women build the confidence they need to go after their dreams and live a life of freedom and independence on their own terms. Her primary focus is on empowering them to identify what is holding them back and giving them practical tools for success.