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Why We Need Inspiration

Why We Need Inspiration

Inspiration cannot be measured or quantified. In today’s world, people often consider that which can be measured is more important or more valuable. But without it, there’s nothing to measure because we produce nothing. It’s what creation comes from and all that is measured springs from this concept. In this article we will discuss why we need inspiration in our lives.

People who are inspired have some common traits. For one thing, they are more open to new experiences which almost always come before the inspiration hits, indicating a certain willingness to be open to inspiration as a precursor to experiencing it.

It’s important to note that inspired people are neither more nor less conscientious than others. Meaning that inspiration isn’t something that you can command or instruct to happen.

The other thing inspired people have in common is a strong desire to master what they do. However, they are not competitive. Competition is a survival instinct and trying to be better than another is not conducive to inspiration.

There are other elements that set apart people that are often inspired.

Confidence in their abilities. 

Even though they may not be experts, they are comfortable with their specialties.


Inspired people have the confidence not to doubt themselves, indicating that they are able to execute their ideas even if failure is a possibility.


It’s difficult to be inspired when you’re stuck in a negative mindset. People with optimism are more open and more prone to inspiration.

Inspiration is not just a flash of vision, it’s a motivation that leads to creativity. People who get inspired are usually more eager to jump into a project or takes risks for the passion that drives them.

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Ruth Cunningham is a mindset and success coach and the founder of Up and Up Life. Ruth helps women build the confidence they need to go after their dreams and live a life of freedom and independence on their own terms. Her primary focus is on empowering them to identify what is holding them back and giving them practical tools for success.